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Pictures of our Roadtrek out and about:
 Orange Land - Disney Land - Our 1st trip in the Comvee Picture 1 Picture 2
 Pismo Beach - Drive on Beach

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 Monterey Veterans Park

Picture 1
 Morgan Hills - 1000 Trails

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Picture 4

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Here are some useful things that I have learned while working on our Roadtrek:
Does you Onan 2800 generator surge when it is running? Everyone told me the only fix was to replace the carburetor (my local RV service place, my local Onan service place, online forums, and even the Onan service manual). They all were right. I did try taking it out and cleaning it with carburetor cleaner and putting it back in. It did help at idle but under load it still surged. So I broke down and shelled out the $108.00 dollars plus tax and that fixed the problem. Yes the carburetor can be replace with the generator still in the vehicle. The last time I did it within and hour. Disconnect the gas line. undo the intake manifold bolts on the engine side, slide the carburetor and the manifold out half way, undo the two hex head screws that hold the carburetor to the manifold, and then side out the carburetor and undo the linkage. Be careful not to drop any part into the generator pan. They are a pain to get out.

I didn't like the way things rattled around in the drawers and cabinets so I made some dividers to hold everything put. If you want to make your own, email me, and I will send you the AutoCAD files.

Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3
Tired of that silverware drawer opening when you make left hand turns? Here is a latch I added from "Home D" for $0.68.

Original on the right side
New one on the left side
The front passenger bed is almost useless because the plywood in the cushion does not go the width of it like the other front bed. Here is my fix. I did this instead of replacing the plywood because the leather was getting cut from the drawer and the metal pin was scratching the drawer. I also put a quarter inch piece of wood under the drawer when it is out to support it.

Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3
Need to charge a cell phone battery or digital camera battery? Unless you are hooked up to power or have the generator running you can't. But if you get a power outlet with a 90 degree plug you can squeeze it in the the plug from the invertor. Also if you want to hook up an external video source you have to unplug the DVD player. So I added a video switch box.

Picture 1


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